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Welcome in our webpage!

Let me offer a collaboration with Marton-trans!

For your kind information I here by outline our carrying possibilities. Our undertaking for the transportation of bulky, relatively lite weight goods was established in 1990. With our seven specially built lorries of 110-120 m3 we execute international transportation.

We move our vehicles in Western Europe. We prefer working especially on Austrian, German and Italian territories, most of our import jobs primarily coming also from here.

Of course we accept jobs on other circumstances, too.

In our Pápa office on Komáromi út 12, (telephone/fax: 0036-89/511-130, telephone 0036-89/511-131 we also organize the work of the carriers working around us, hence we are at your disposal with the most diverse range of lorries.

We are waiting for your kind inquiries together with our German speaking colleagues.

Best regards: László Marton

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